Interdisciplinary Project 2016

This was our last 2nd year project before leaving for summer 2016. The project had a varied amount of outputs that revolved around creating a hypothetical exhibition design, catalogue and 3D model that was based on one of our existing CCS essays from over the two years. My project was based on my essay about 'Superheroes in American Culture', entitled 'Caped Crusaders and the Growth of Cynicism'. The essay set out to highlight a certain point where a change in the figure of the superhero is almost proportional to a change in the attitudes of todays generation of young people, not only american culture, but in popular culture all around the world. There has been a vast amount of opinions circulating with regards the image of the superhero post 9/11 and the metaphors that are in place in many Hollywood blockbusters that mimic acts of war similar to the tragedy of September 11th 2001. Truthfully, a change has come with the changing attitudes of many generations in the world today, an attitude that is more cynical and realistic than we have probably ever been which in turn has changed how we respond to fictional heroic characters, abolishing the old idyllic superman and making way for the more flawed (assholes) such as Batman/Ironman etc. :):):)

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